Matt's Perspective - Adjusting to Covid-19

     Hello, Readers, I want to start off by saying that I hope you are all doing well, today I wanted to talk about something that I believe is important at this current moment in time which is Coping with Quarantine and all of this craziness related to Covid-19 or otherwise known as The CoronaVirus. Now I know that we all are different but these are just a few things that have been personally working for me when it comes to coping / dealing with what is going on right now. 

     So I know that we have readers from all parts of the world and the situation is very different everywhere that we go, but I wanted to share some of the things with you that have been helping me cope with all of this.  Now I will admit that in the beginning, I was very highly anxious as well as nervous about the future because all of my doctors' appointments as well as activities were cancelled with no news of when they could possibly be rescheduled again.

     So needless to say I was a wreck. But now that I have had some time to collect myself and really start to find things that will work to help me manage my emotions and feelings of uncertainty. I really wanted to write this post to share with y'all what I have found that helps me in hopes of maybe being able to help one of you find something or things that might help you cope and get back on track to being positive and tackling the future. 

      The first thing that has really been doing wonders for me is developing a set routine, for example, going to bed and getting up at the same time every day and when I get up the first thing I do is take my medication and hop in the shower. Now to most that may not seem like a big deal, but for someone like me with many mental health diagnoses those few things can sometimes feel like giant tasks on days that I am struggling hard, but what I have found is that when I stick to my routine I start my day feeling better and that carries throughout my day more times than not. 

      The Second thing that is really helping is Journaling! Now I find myself especially lately, making 2 or even sometimes 3 entries in a day. For me personally. I find it easier to express my emotions on a deeper level if I can write them out rather than talking out loud and tripping over my words. Not to mention there are just some issues having to do with my mental health that I do not really feel comfortable talking to anyone about, whilst at the same time I know that I shouldn't hold it in and that is where journaling comes into play. 

     The third thing that I have been doing a lot is coloring pictures. Now a lot of people might find that funny or childish but for me, it’s highly therapeutic. It’s a release and a distraction from what is going on. It allows me to slow my thoughts down, to focus my attention on something else and begin to think more rationally about situations currently going on in my life. You can find color pages of every kind on the internet to print for free or even hop on amazon to find some good ones which are where I always get my adult coloring books. 

     The last thing I will share with all of you is msuic. I am constantly listening to music every day, it has always been one of those things that has helped me cope and get through tough situations. When I was in school I was in a choir as well as a marching band, and to be honest that is really where my love for music began! I started to find that it helped me with my mood. For example, I could go into band practice very frustrated and angry and come out level headed and as calm as a cucumber. Now I don't know exactly what it is about music but it's just always been a big escape for me. I hope that some of these things can help some of you or at least get you thinking about somethings you can do to help yourselves.

Be safe, Be Well & Stay Positive.     

 - Matthew-



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