Keeping Busy in the Summer of 2020 - Simon

 The summer has come upon us again and like most summers, it has arrived suddenly and before you know it, it is over. So it is best to enjoy it, make the most of it and have fun while it lasts right? Well, that can be easier said than done when your mental health plays a factor and is even harder amidst the factor of Covid19 too. 

The hardest thing about summer I am finding tough right now with my own mental health is staying optimistic about the future when the activities I usually enjoy most happen in the summer. Festivals, gigs, drinks and meals with friends are on hold for the moment and that can be hard to accept. I find myself worrying that these events will not happen next summer either and that sends my mind racing. After all, these activities normally distract my thoughts and keep me focused on positive thoughts and building happy memories. 


However, what I thought about the other day while I was relaxing on my day off, was that I cannot change anything about what will happen next year in the Summer of 2021. So I need to stay positive that next Summer will be back to normal. What I also realized was do not wish this summer away either. I am making sure that I make plans this Summer and keep my mind busy other ways. 


Running several times a week is helping a lot as usual. I have been signing myself up for virtual running events. At the end of the event, you get a medal and it tracks it all through the running app Strava. I have found setting goals like that gives me something to aim for and to feel proud of when I hit it. I find it also gives me another purpose. 


I am also keeping myself busy in the summer with looking at homes I can purchase with my brother. We did our first house viewings last week and I feel that by gaining some freedom and independence, it will also help with my mental health long term. Part of my feelings this year has been that I am a bit lost and that I have been stalling. Moving out and starting a new chapter in my life will hopefully kick start things for me. 


Summer is also the entry for Autumn and Winter, which is when mental health can be most affected and often at its worst. So keeping it in check and stable in the Summer is so important.  


Remember though, because its summer, it does not mean that you must fill your day always being outside and constantly doing things. It is ok to have days to yourself, and I find myself that I need several evenings or a day in the week where I just completely switch off and relax. This is even more important in the summer as I think the general opinion is that since it is summer, you must be doing things constantly and have a highly social calendar. However, you do not need to, it is ok to have time for yourself and to be with yourself. 

- Simon



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