Community Post - Tess

My personal journey hasn’t been without it’s challenges and I’ve experienced severe mental illnesses in the past. At one stage, I didn’t thing I would complete high school because I was so ill. Writing and blogging has helped me navigate and gain clarity through some difficult and turbulent times, over the years. Although it’s taken me half my lifetime to understand and be open about my own mental health, being honest and vulnerable when I was ready has allowed me to own my story instead of letting it own me. My experiences has only fuelled my curiosity, motivating my desire to help others from a young age. Today I study Psychology, work in mental health & volunteer as a youth mentor in my local community

Later, when I started studying psychology to pursue a career in mental health, I learnt there is evidence to support this & was impressed to discover creativity can be used as a form of therapy, a way to heal.

I have learnt that when we begin to heal, it helps others to see what’s possible for them. I’m also a big advocate of therapy too. After many years of yoga, natural therapies and writing, psychological therapy was the missing piece I needed to let go of the shame I had been carrying around for half my life, and finally own that part of my story I was so afraid to reveal. But I believe therapy should be as normal as going to the gym or seeing a personal trainer to get fit, it should be accessible to anyone. We all need someone to talk to regardless of your mental health state, and that is a very healthy part of living well.

When we own our story, it not only empowers others to navigate through their own journey, but it also empowers us to change and write the rest of our story.




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