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 Hey y’all, Welcome back over to the blog. Today I wanted to talk about a topic that I find interesting and that will also help all of you get to know me a little more and that is Bucket Lists. I personally find them so important, in my opinion they can also be a very helpful tool in our lives. 

So for those that are not super familiar with the concept, a bucket list is simply a list of things that you want to do before you die or in some cases just a list of long-term goals that you want to achieve in your life. For me personally, I use it both as a list of goals for the future and a list of things I want to try or places I want to go. 

For example, for the Goals portion of the list, a few of my personal life long-term goals are as follows:

1.) I would eventually love to get married and start a family of my own. 

2.) Buy some farmland so that I can  reconnect with my roots, and the way that I was raised. 

3.) The final goal I will share is that I want to continue to grow my platform, raising awareness for those of us with Mental Health conditions, in hopes of shattering the stigma so we don't have to suffer in silence any longer. I will keep sharing my story and fighting until the time comes that I no longer have too. 

Now moving on over to the bucket list side of things. This is just a collection of things that I want to try and or accomplish at least once in my lifetime. Now some of these things are random and some are for certain reasons. For example The first thing on the list is to go skydiving! Now this is on here because not only have i always wanted to go but i am also very afraid of heights so it would help me conquer two aspects of difficult things in my life. 

The second Item on the list is i want to travel overseas to England, and Scotland. These two locations have always fascinated me with their culture, unique architecture and simply also just to step outside of my current comfort zone, try new foods, and learn new things. I feel as if I have kind of been sheltered in my life and I would really just love to broaden my horizons.

One of the main reasons I feel that these types of lists are important, is because it helps to remind us that we still have a lot of goals and aspirations in our lives and if we work hard enough, everything is attainable.

Sometimes I think that society as a whole, myself included, gets so complacent in what we do. Then we tend to not try new things or step outside of our Comfort Zones, in turn, pushing our limits to discover another side of ourselves. I firmly believe that if we all took a little time to try a few new things and encouraged everyone around us in our lives to work hard, persevere to reach their highest potential and even lend them a hand when possible, the world would be a much better place. Perhaps less cruel, and who knows, we might even accomplish more things than we even thought possible. 

So those are just a few of my own personal goals and bucket list items - I hope that you found this post interesting as well as maybe a little insightful. I would love to hear in the comments what some of your thoughts are concerning bucket lists. Do you have one? If so, what are a few items on yours? Why do you use them? Thanks for taking the time to read my post and remember to always be kind to one another. We are all in this together. 




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