Christmas & New Year - Simon

Christmas & New Year can often be a challenging time for those of us that fight with mental health every day, couple that with how 2020 has been and it can seem even more daunting. 2020 has brought added roadblocks of social distancing and for various countries around the world, it means it can either prevent or restrict time you can spend with loved ones this Holiday season.

I am lucky in that I am currently living at home with my family, as I prepare to buy a house in early 2021. However, I also have a very small family, with all my grandparents sadly deceased now, and I only have one Aunty, Great Aunty & Great Uncle. In England we are restricted to sticking to your households and bubbles for socializing, so I will be largely unaffected by the restrictions.


I am definitely feeling the effects of not socializing with Friends as much. I am quite a social person and Christmas & new Year would normally mean catching up with friends, going to gatherings and celebrating. We can still catch up with others outside your bubble here, but you can only do it outside and during the day, so it does limit the activities you can do.


The one thing I have ensured I have put in place this year, is that I have taken some time off work for the holiday period. I have not actually had a week off this year at work (mostly due to COVID-19), so I feel I really need it. My plan is to mostly use the time just to reset my mind and enjoy relaxing.


This time of the year is normally when I feel the lowest. I felt at one of my lowest around 3-4 years ago on New Years Eve and I will do everything I can to avoid going back there. I think it is natural to review your year and that can get you down if you feel like you have not achieved what you wanted to. However, I have felt it is best to change my mindset when it comes to that thinking, I take each month as it comes and prefer not to think of December as an ending. I prefer to look at it as a continuation.


I do not make New Year Resolutions anymore. I used to make them every year, but last year I decided  why should I be waiting to January to make changes in my life. Changes should happen whenever you feel that they need to begin. I feel that you should never wish time away or wait for a new year to begin them. I have changed that mindset for myself and instead of giving myself new goals each January, I set new goals in my mind every month.


How do you feel about the Holidays this year? are your rules in your Country even tighter than the UK’s? And how do you feel about New Year’s Resolutions?




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