The Bucket List - Sam

When I first started my bucket list, I was a teen with a lot more energy, a lot more ideas, a lot more naïve – in reality. When I look back at some that I had things that seemed big at the time, but on reflection were just dust in the wind to the bigger story. Then other ambitions that I still share a yearning for, but have been diverted due to life and the challenges that come with it. Then the last ones, the absurd and dreamful – that I can thankfully laugh at now.

During a stay in hospital, my partner and I started one. Something to pass the hours and distract the mind, at the time. I look back on it now and realise how highly ambitious some of the ideas were, not realising really what lay ahead. How restricted I would become in my own body (and mind to some extent). Looking back on that one, I noticed that I had managed to check some off as I was

And that was the irony of all, living should take over, because we are ever changing in our wills and wants as humans. We are complex and emotional; we need companionship but struggle with over exposure. There is a fine balance to living, which is unique to each of us. So how can one defined list accommodate all our swithering teases and taunts at fleeting pleasures or excitements.

I have a bucket list, but not one of places and activities. One of experiences with those I love, to make memories. With not a plan, because I feel that sometimes dreaming too far ahead can lead to disappointment. So rather I find my list to be one of present and choice, then I never feel like I could never do anything or go anywhere. Don’t get me wrong I still have the countries I’d like to see or things I’d like to achieve/reach, but I don’t tie them to a requirement.

I’ve been taught, by life, that you never can see what’s round the corner and that anything can happen in the flash of a choice. So ensure that you are living for the day and not for the moro. 



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