Managing Finances in 2021 - Simon

think we can all agree that 2020 was a hard year for 1001 reasons. Not to mention it was also hard for financial reasons for many of us. The new year is always that time of the year where I think we take a step back and look at our financial situation again. 

The new year is also tough because it comes after an expensive time of the year with the Holidays in December and couple that with possibly getting paid earlier, your finances may need to stretch further. This can play hard on mental health, as you may worry that you are not going to make your bills, or you may worry about the outlook for your finances in general for rest of the year. 


2021 is the year I would like to buy a house. I was hoping to do it in 2020, but a house I liked turned out to not be the one. Another Lockdown happened in the UK in November and that really put a spanner in the timing. However, I am doing everything I can each day to not let it get to me and let it affect my mental health. I keep telling myself that it is ok that it is not happening right now and that I am in a good place and need to stick this out. 


I feel grateful that I have a job that I love, and my family and friends are safe. The house is a luxury, something that will happen when it is right and all I can do right now is just keeping saving. This year I have tried to be more cautious in spending money in January, so that my finances have a steady start in February. 

It is a hard time for everyone right now and financial worries are sadly a very big concern for us. The best advice I can give is to speak to your friends and family if you are struggling, as they may be able to lend you a hand? But also speak to the companies you are owing money to, as lots of places are offering relaxations on repayments now too.  


How are you managing your finances at the start of 2021? Do you feel this year is much different to last year with Covid-19?



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