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With Valentine’s Day just last month, it left me wondering, what does valentines mean when you struggle with your mental health?

I have been following the rule of “Love yourself first” in recent years and felt it has really helped me. I have spent a lot of my life not loving or even liking myself, so the thought of loving someone else can be a hard process. 

In recent years I have become more confident and I think it is because I have not been actively part of the dating scene. I have not had a girlfriend for several years now and instead have been enjoying learning to improve myself and value my own time. 


COVID-19 has of course interrupted the dating scene for many of us, but so far, I do not miss it. Now I am not saying I will not welcome a date - even next week, but I have learned to accept that I do not need a relationship to be happy. 


Valentines Day used to bother me, but it no longer does. I used to sometimes get jealous and wish I had what I saw on social media, but then I asked myself, how much of what you see on social media is even real? How much of what you see displayed in day-to-day life is even real? There are of course millions of couples who love each other everyday and are always there for each other. However, there are also millions more who just try to show that is the case, when in fact, everything behind closed doors is far from their projection to the world. 


So, if you are going through a similar thing to myself, remember these 3 things! 


  1. You are amazing!  
  2. You never have to change yourself for anyone!  
  3. The right person will always accept you for you! 



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