Fear - Simon

For me, there are two types of fear. Good fear and bad fear. 

How we handle them may be similar or different, depending on how we approach it. 


Good Fear: 

Good fear can be a feeling where you are anxious about doing something, but it is more of an exciting feeling. You are worried about the event happening in your life, but you know it is all for good intentions. 


I have experienced this recently with starting the purchase of a home. It gets me anxious, and I worry about the future and new responsibilities, however I know it is all good. 


I find it is best addressing this fear with a little caution, to ensure that it does not escalate. But I have learnt to enjoy it and turn that fear into positive thoughts and think of all the good outcomes. 


Bad Fear: 

Bad fear can be a feeling that is not pleasant at all. Sometimes it can be a very legit fear and something you need to address straight away for your safety. But sometimes it can also be a fear that you have made worse than it is, in your head.


I have experienced this recently when I have messed up on something I was supposed to do. I put pressure on myself and think it is the end of the world. 


I have found it is best addressing this fear head on and looking at the problem from a distance. Often, I find that it is only myself feeling scared about something that nobody else is even thinking of. So, I break it into stages of why I feel it has gone wrong. 

The biggest takeaway is to learn from it and know not to repeat the mistake. 



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