The Anti Bucket List - Simon

I have previously written about bucket lists before and the experiences and feelings we all list that we wish to do in our lifetime. However, we do not often talk about the experiences that we never want to do again. 

There are differences of course, as sometimes there are things we do not want to do but must do as part of life. However, there are some choices we do have and can control. 


3 experiences I would add to an anti-bucket list would be: 

  • Being in very large groups at parties – Now I have gotten older and more confident; I have found that I much prefer smaller groups of 10 or less when socializing. Any groups larger than that and I feel uncomfortable. Even though I cannot 100% avoid these, I can control it for the most part

  • Going on blind dates – I have found this to be such an unnatural way of getting to know someone. I much prefer letting it happen more organically going forward.

  • Being unhappy – My mental health has been great the last couple of years and I want to keep it that way. This will forever stay on my anti-bucket list. 

What are some of your list items?



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