Life of Late - Simon


So, what have I been up to lately? 


Just recently I brought my first home with my brother. We are planning to move in in the coming weeks, as just waiting on a few items to arrive before we can live in the home. I have been popping in daily to move stuff in and give delivery drivers access.


The whole process has been very stressful and has really tested my mental health. First off, having a very poor Solicitor, meant adding more stress to an already crazy 2021. The only way I felt I could handle it mentally, was to spend a few hours each evening sorting paperwork and then ensure I had at least an hour’s me time to relax.  


Now comes the part that is just as hard though, which is ensuring I have everything I need and making sure I coordinate all the items to arrive around my working hours. That has been quite hard, as I have had to resort to kindly asking my parents to house sit while I am at work - for when large items like the bed arrives. 


One thing I have thought about though, is how will my mental health look once I can finally relax in my own home. Well to be honest, I think with time it will majorly help my health. I think it is going to allow me to be more confident and have somewhere I can go each day to have some inner peace. 


What have you been up to? and have you had any massive life changes? 






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