Unhelpful thinking - Nat

I've been trying to explore some of my not so helpful thinking styles of late. A prominent one that comes up for me is Black & White thinking - often known as All or Nothing thinking.

For me this thinking style has led to some sudden and somewhat unnecessary decisions.

This type of thinking is when you go all in on one thought, its either all or nothing.

For example, in the past I have quit a fair few jobs. Mostly because I would have a thought that the employers decisions were misguided or selfish and run with it. Instead of taking into consideration that life, and indeed running a business, is somewhat complex, I would just throw all my eggs into one basket and walk out. Because to me, they were 100% certainly a shitty employer.

This has happened in other areas of my life too, relationships also being top of the list.

Now, I know that this thinking style, coupled with my bipolar mood swings, is most probably going to make for some harsh decisions and behaviours, but it doesn't have to be that way all the time and over the past few years Ive been making some big changes. 

Eliminating some of these thought processes is key to a better quality of life. Looking at things holistically allows for much more understanding and compassion.

I think that challenging our thoughts is always wise, even more so if you have a mental illness. 

I know I have a long way to go in correcting these thought patterns, but just the awareness and education of it is a big step forward in my book.

Are there any thought patterns you think are holding you back?

Nat x



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