Unhelpful Thinking Styles - Simon

We all think differently and sometimes our thought processes can lead us down a different path than which we need to go down. 

For myself, I often take a few days to contemplate a big decision. I will have an initial thought, but will stew over it for several days, going back and forth before deciding. This is often a good thing, as it means I am being cautious and not just acting on instinct, potentially making a big mistake. 


However, sometimes I do this with small decisions too! So something that ideally needs a quick answer, will have me pondering over it for hours/days. I am not sure why it happens, but it does sometimes. 


I have learnt more and more in the past few years to try and differentiate the two, instant decisions and long-term decisions. I realized that stewing over something that needs a quick decision, can probably be frustrating for say a boss who needs a quick answer and does not have time to wait days for a response. 


I also came to the realization that for quick decisions, there is no harm in biting the bullet and going with your gut. If you can justify your reasoning, it cannot be the wrong decision in that moment. If it turns out to be the wrong decision, then I will learn from it and correct it.  


Only long decisions will have long term impact, and those are important for me to still spend my time deciding on the appropriate course of action. 


What do you find are your unhelpful thinking style/s?



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