Life of Late - Nat

 I’m not going to lie, the past days/ weeks/ months, have been a complete whirlwind!

I’ve been so busy working on the progression planning of this project, as well as trying to get creative on my own channels, expanding my role at work, keeping up with the old social life and devoting time to personal development. Phhhhhew, I’m tired haha

BUT, the fruits of this labour are going to be bright and beautiful. I just know it.

Personally, I’ve never felt better. Taking time to focus on me and align my goals in all faucets of my life, means I’ve been able to see some of the negative contributions for what they are. I’m not willing to accept my own, or other peoples for that matter, pessimism or shitty attitude. 

Not today Satan, not ever.

Positive Relations Media is unfolding fast and furiously. We are currently growing our contributor team and will soon have original content in all areas of wellness packed into our brand new online interactive wellness hub. Furthermore the launch of our print magazine will be happening this fall, providing hope and support both on and offline, allowing us to bridge the accessibility gap for those who cannot or do not utilize online resources. This project is so important to me, as tools for wellness and stories of empowerment are the building blocks for recovery!

Knowing how much work is going into, and will continue to go into this project, means I’ve also had to focus on my own growth. I’ve restarted some shadow work/ trauma therapy, increased physical activity, more time for play and other necessary lifestyle tweaks (currently averaging a new book every 14 days, weekly hikes, daily meditations, swimming, poetry writing - and so on and so forth haha.) It really hit home that if the driver isn’t well, the car isn’t going anywhere and I do not want to do this project an injustice by not having my own mindset in the right gear.

Speaking of passion projects, my day job has also been growing exponentially. I just completed the brand new provincial certification in Peer Support, steeping myself in the core values and authenticity of genuine, supportive relations in the field of Mental Health. In my role at the hospital we are adding 4 new team members, as we move into providing Peer Support on a daily basis and in an even wider capacity. Because of this I have officially accepted the role of Team Lead and I am thrilled at the opportunity to work with like minded individuals and further champion this wonderful movement and innovative practices in psychiatric care, where it is so greatly needed. 

I feel like I’m exactly where I am supposed to be.

I am collaborating with such beautiful souls on this journey and growing every single day.

I will not stop eating, breathing and living the dream of helping others feel less alone.

I will not give up the fight for Positive Relations in all areas of our lives.

Much love,

Nat xo



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