Looking out for Others - Simon

Noticing signs that someone you know is suffering from mental health issues can often be hard to spot. Sometimes there are a few signs, but often there may be no signs at all. 


Here are 5 tips that I use every day with those around me. 


  1. Check in with your friends and colleagues – You never know what someone is going through, so check in with your circle, but also with others you do not speak to as often. 
  2. Always listen – If someone is opening up to you, then listen. People will feel relaxed and like that someone is hearing their thoughts. 
  3. Act – If you see someone struggling, then act and talk to them in private, but do not do nothing. 
  4. Know when to give advice – Drop in some experiences you may have had, but know that it is about the person you are speaking to and listening to them that comes first. 
  5. Follow up – If you have had a talk with someone struggling, then always follow up. Even if the chat was good and the person seemed to feel good again. Always check back in with them as mental health can be up and down. 



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