A Letter to my Younger Self - Nat

 Sometimes I wish it could be that easy That a future version of me could have stepped back in time and shone a light in front of younger me, to make it easier. But if so, maybe the lesson would be lost. If I saved myself from lives obstacles, would I ever be the person I am today.

Challenges, as tough as they can be, provide a source of growth and learning. They test our tenacity, resiliency, and although it often seems that they highlight our weakness, they also build upon our strengths. Showing us the part of our warrior selves that will push forward, no matter the height of the mountain.

I guess the biggest piece of advice I would give younger me is don't be afraid to speak up, to reach out, to start conversation. Staying silent only ever add to the suffering. I might have been put in a box, but by being quiet about my struggles I may as well have glued the lid on and tossed that old box under the stairs. Opening the dialogue has not only allowed me to see that I'm not weird or abnormal, but it has also afforded me resources and supports I never knew existed. I would be no further forward today if it wasn't for three simple, honest words - 'I need help'.

I'd also suggest telling younger me to say another 3 words more often. . 'I love you'. These days I'm all over it, but when I was younger it was the most extreme display of emotion. It seemed strange to offer up such a big sentiment so freely, but now I love with my whole heart and not with fear. I guess that's the difference.

Also, Natalie, get the bigger size band tshirt! Stop going to gigs and getting size XS. Your thirty year old self will be hella pissed when you don't fit into your circa 2006 Enter Shikari or Kings of Leon attire hahaha 

Other than that I'd just say stay curious, believe in yourself and always always give it some welly!

Love xo




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