Social Media & Mental Health - Simon

 The good – I find that you have access to so many people that can help you. Sometimes complete strangers who may live on the other side of the world. We’re so limited to people in our local areas, but social media opens your world to so many people. 

The bad – The danger with opening your world up to more people, can sometimes also have a negative impact, as it may mean that there are now more people that can hurt you. It also allows multiple ways that even someone in your local area can reach you and bully you. You may have someone at school or work who can now pester you at home as well. 

The ugly – Sadly sometimes it can go even further, and this can affect your mental health. It can be as innocent as seeing posts that may trigger negative effects or extreme bullying from someone. It may be that you see posts of happy couples, and it brings you down, or maybe you see someone posting about their new car and it upsets you. However, it can also be far worse, in that someone is attacking you and you feel that you can’t escape. 

My advice – For all 3 of the above (even the good) is that it’s so good just to have a social media break from time to time. Hey, it doesn’t even have to be a long break, it can be 24 hours, but giving yourself some away time is so important. 

I also find not announcing it helps too, as that just puts pressure on yourself and makes people wonder if something is up. So, I find it’s best that you take some time and then use it again when you feel ready to do so. Those Instagram comments and messages can wait until you’re ready again. 




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