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Alongside our worldwide community members, Positive Relations Media core team is made up of bloggers from 3 continents and 5 cities.

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Meet Nat

Hi guys, I'm Natalie and I am the founder of this wonderful project. I am 32 and although originally from Scotland, I now call beautiful BC, Canada home. I am currently studying a Professional Certificate in Mental Health & Addictions and work as a Peer Supporter & Group Facilitator. You can find me by the lake or snuggling with my 2 chiweenie puppers. I have been challenged by my mental health for almost 20 years and after receiving a diagnosis of Bipolar 1 & PTSD in 2015, I have been working hard to maintain a sense of equilibrium, through care strategies and medication. I was later diagnosed with a chronic illness called Interstitial Cystitis, which is largely impacted by my mental health. Lifestyle tweaks have helped me through my dark days and although recovery has been a journey, we are built to overcome these challenges, WE GOT THIS!

If you wanna chat you can find me on Instagram or at my Blog.

Meet Matt

Hello everyone, my name is Matt, I am 30 years old from the Midwest United States. I am a Mental Health Advocate and a Certified Life Coach, I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I have a Blog and YouTube channel that is focused around Mental Health, as well as helpful everyday life topics. A little about me, I have been diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD, BPD & an anxiety disorder. I find that I can relate to those struggling as I fight the battles myself every day. I love country music, fishing, being outdoors and going on random Adventures. My main goal is to put out content that I think can be helpful to those like me who are struggling, whilst at the same time being someone that people can talk to when they need a listening ear. I look forward to things to come in the future and I hope that everyone will join Positive Relations Media & I in spreading a message of positivity, as well as cultivating a better future for the world.

If you wanna chat you can find me on my Blog.

Meet Simon


My name is Simon, 31 from England. I work in IT support and have done for the past 6 years. Since I was a teenager, I have had experience with mental illness. I also have many friends who have experienced it too, therefore it is an active part of my day to day life. I enjoy keeping fit by running several times per week. I like going to live music gigs, listening to music, watching MMA, going to the cinema, travelling, eating out and hanging out with friends. 

By working with PR Media, I hope to use my own experiences on how I have dealt with and currently deal with my mental health. By sharing what helps myself and others around me, I hope to let people know that they are not alone.

If you wanna chat you can find me on my Instagram.

Meet Brodie

Hi Everyone,
My name is Brodie and I was selected by the amazing Natalie to be a part of the Positive Relations Media team advocating and sharing our stories all around the globe about how we overcome and still overcoming our Mental Health Journey. I currently live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I was born in Canberra I spent most of my childhood years living in Brisbane – which I call home. I am currently out of work, but am now investing in working on myself and my platform of “The Wellness Guy” and I am currently in the process of starting my own business. I am a big advocate for those living with Mental Health and Disabilities. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the young age of 7 years old. Currently, I live with ongoing depression and anxiety and have since 2015. I have been in and out of Mental Health hospitals throughout the past year, some resulting in the use of self-harm behaviours.
My working background is in Child Protection, Employment Services, Mental Health Recovery, Disability Support and Crisis Counselling via Suicide Prevention Hotline.
By working with PR Media, I hope to use my own experiences on how I have dealt with and currently deal with my mental health. I share my journey currently on my Wellness Guy platform. I love seeing people progress and when they say they cannot do it and when you seem them grow and conquer their goals. I believe we need to change the way we talk about Mental Health.
Thanks again, Natalie and team. Looking forward to what the future awaits with Positive Relations Media.

If you wanna chat you can find me on my Instagram.

Meet Sam

Hello, I’m Sam from Scotland a place near Edinburgh. I was very touched when Nat reached out to me to invite me to become part of this amazing project. I’m really looking forward to working with the team and have high hopes for where this will lead to.
I think like everyone we have all struggled with our mental health in one way or another, whether we admit it or not. Though I do think the key (and most courageous) thing that we can do is talk about it. I was challenged the most mentally and physically when was diagnosed with Cardiac Sarcoidosis, which is a quite rare, incurable disease. I was hospitalised for months and was in and hospital up until recently, so had to adjust to a new way of life - as did my loved ones. So having gone through so much I want to reach out to others, to either inspire, educate or help. 

I began an awareness account to keep myself and mind busying connected whilst I adjusted to my new lifestyle. I write a blog, which is mainly for myself and my own words that I need to write down, so just my ramblings along with my bucket list and stories. I also have an account on Instagram that I use to raise awareness of mainly what it’s like living with a chronic illness, whilst advocating for Cardiac Sarcoidosis and Mental Health from a personal point of view. Hopefully starting a YouTube channel at some point, when I get the courage to film myself haha!

I’m a project planner professionally, so really hope I can use some of those skills on this Adventure with Nat and the guys, Really looking forward to starting something that’s really exciting.

If you wanna chat you can find me on my Instagram or my Blog.



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