Our Mission

Founded amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Positive Relations Media is a collective of media contributors on various platforms, on and offline. 

Spreading stories of hope & empowerment, alongside tools for mental wellness, we hope to support, educate and inspire our community. 

We acknowledge that positive mental health is crucial in rising above tough situations, and with this in mind, we strive to deliver relatable content that will make you smile, make your day easier or just allow you to feel less alone on your journey.

Currently blogging from 5 cities over 3 continents amd sharing perspectives on all areas of life, PRM is carving out a future of print media, educational videos, workshops and resources.

We will soon be launching a brand new interactive wellness hub and we are currently looking for contributors to join the community and share their stories, interests & passions with the world! 

Please drop is a message on the form, on our channels or to support@positiverelationsmedia.com



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